Super Soy.

The Miracle Bean.

"There are a lot of myths about soybeans and soybean production. In reality, soybeans are crushed for food, and the soybean oil that is left over is changing the world by bringing bio-based solutions to everyday products."

Gene Stoel District 7 Director, MN Soybean Research & Promotion Council

The Myth Monger has long been a nemesis of The Biofuels League and its supporters. Soybeans are a truly versatile crop that can be used for food, fuel, fiber, lubricants, road sealants, dust control applications, roofing preservatives, clothing, paint, crayons, candles and so much more.

crush processing

MYTH: Biodiesel takes more energy to produce than what it returns


Biodiesel has the highest energy balance of any fuel, returning more
than 3 units of energy for every unit of fossil energy needed to produce it.





MYTH: Biodiesel contributes to rising food prices


Biodiesel actually benefits the world’s protein supply. Processing biodiesel from soybeans uses only the oil portion of the soybean, leaving all of the protein available to nourish livestock and humans. By creating a new market for soybean oil, we increase the availability of protein-rich meal for human and livestock consumption.


MYTH: Biodiesel increases greenhouse gases because it causes land to be cleared


U.S. biodiesel is an advanced biofuel, reducing lifecycle carbon
emissions by up to 86 percent. New cropland is not needed to make biodiesel
because it is produced from co-products and by-products of crops already
grown for food and other materials.


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